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Chattels...What Are They?
Posted by 3 years ago.

A chattel is a movable object that is not attached to the home or has not been “annexed” to the property in a legal sense.  For instance, appliances are usually considered chattels unless the appliance is “built-in” such as a built-in dishwasher.  Electronic thermostats, and light fixtures are fixtures and a part of the real estate, but table top lamps are considered chattels if only plugged into an electrical outlet.

Many items within or on the property may still be unclear on whether they are chattels or fixtures; you may have to look at its purpose and the degree to which it is affixed to the property. As a “rule of thumb” I always say...”if you need a tool to remove it, it's probably a fixture”.  In all cases it is best to make sure the Realtor makes it clear in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale whether it is staying or going.

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